The UN-DE-TERRED Challenge: Embracing our purpose and facing our challenges

The UN-DE-TERRED Challenge: Embracing our purpose and facing our challenges

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Have you ever been challenged and knew that you had to take on the challenge?

As Dr. Vicki Kloosterhouse explains in session one’s video, she was challenged by a friend to use social media to share what she has learned about women from her travels throughout the world and through the writing of her book, UN-DE-TERRED.

Vicki took the challenge and now she wants to share it for FREE with the Faith University audience to encourage women to live their lives to the fullest.

It is important for women to recognize that who we are in Christ, so we can be UN-DE-TERRED! Living our lives with purpose, as we embrace our strengths and face our challenges.

In this FREE series, Vicki chose 6 of her “five-minute or less” videos to share with you. In the videos, she discusses topic such as:

  • Who we are in the sight of God,
  • Strengths that women bring to the table,
  • Challenges that we face, which she calls our “in-a-me(s),” and
  • A challenge at the end of each video to help us grow as women.

Included in this FREE series are:

  • 7 “five-minute or less” videos,
  • 7  printable challenges, plus
  • 3 additional printables.

Do a session a day or spread them out over 7 weeks, it is your choice. But, be sure and participate in the easy-to-do challenges.


Read About the Creator of this Course

Hi, I’m Dr. Vicki Kloosterhouse

I have spoken internationally on topics of leadership, stress management, rewiring your thinking, and women’s issues. I conducted stress management training for relief workers in hot spots around the world and worked with Empower Women Leaders to design and implement The Women’s Bucket Brigade. A grassroots project that equipped Liberian women to train neighbors in Ebola prevention, along with the distribution of buckets and disinfectants. 

UN-DE-TERRED: Embracing Our Purpose, Facing Our Challenges was my first book, and I co-authored Discovering God’s Purpose: A Guided Journal Connecting Me to God’s Plan for My Life. 

One of my joys is to work with women to help them discover who they are and their full potential. 

I graduated from Michigan State University, earning a Ph.D. in Family and Child Ecology with an emphasis on psychosocial health. Additional training in stress management and trauma care was received from the Harvard Medical School/New England Deaconess Hospital: Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine, The Center for Mind/Body Medicine, The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children, and Certificates of Completion in Stress Coaching and Crisis Response and Trauma Care from Light University.

I am an Amen Clinic Certified Brain Health Coach, a John Maxwell coach, speaker, and trainer, and a member of Igniting Souls on Fire.

Having an M.A. in Classroom Education, I was privileged to teach in higher education in the United States, Asia, and Africa.

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